Services and Prices

Postpartum Breastfeeding Consult

There are many reasons moms and families may want, or need, a postpartum consult. Some new parents may want a check-up just to make sure things are going well. I use a special scale and can determine how much milk your baby is drinking during a feeding. This information alone is tremendously helpful to uncertain parents.

Other reasons for consults include latch problems, sore or painful nipples, milk supply issues, or maybe getting a baby to breastfeed who has been bottle-feeding. If you are at all uncertain and would like some help and support, contact me. Breastfeeding problems are often easiest to fix the earlier they are addressed. Initial consults typically take between 70 and 90 minutes. Sometimes two to three visits are needed to resolve more complicated problems.


Insurance coverage

At this time I do not accept insurance for payment, nor am I an in-network provider for any insurance company. However, many companies will reimburse for out-of -network lactation visits. I will give you a super bill including my tax ID number NPI number and appropriate CPT codes. The code I most often use is CPT 99404 and that reimbursement is close to $100 for many providers. Check with your insurance company and you may find the out-of-pocket expenses to be relatively small.