About Amy Bourne

Historically, women grew up watching their mothers, sisters, neighbors and friends breastfeed. By the time they had their own baby, they were well aware of how to make it work.

Our culture is very different, and many new parents may have never held a newborn, let alone see one nurse. While breastfeeding is natural it can take some time for mothers and babies to really get the hang of it. During these early days some education, and lots of support, are often what it takes to help babies do what they are born to do.

I have been working with mothers and babies since the year 2000. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing from the University of Delaware, and a Masters in Nursing, with a concentration in Midwifery, from the State University of New York. After giving birth to my first son in New York City, I became a Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

I describe my approach as personal, supportive, educational and non-judgmental. Whether you plan to breastfeed for a year, a month, or express milk and bottle-feed, I can help. Because every woman, child and family are different, private breastfeeding classes and follow-up consultations can be invaluable.

My goal is that through education and support you meet your goals, and that your breastfeeding experience is an enjoyable one.